Monday, 28 October 2013

Crystal Palace v Arsenal: Arsène Wenger believes Sir Alex Ferguson may one ... -

Ferguson claims Wenger was incensed after United's 2-0 win finally ended Arsenal's 49 game unbeaten run and tempers flared near the dressing rooms with pizza being thrown around. Wenger recalls it was an explosive day.

"I think on that day, referee Mike Riley had not his best day and that brought a lot of frustration because Rio Ferdinand should have been off after 20 minutes so I believe that's what created all the problems in the corridor.

"It was aggressive because to lose the way we lost after such a long undefeated run was not acceptable for me and that's why everybody was frustrated."

Arsenal will be hoping to maintain their position at the top of the Premier League table when they face Crystal Palace on Saturday, but Wenger said they may have to do without midfielder Jack Wilshere who is suffering from an ankle problem and says he is facing a gamble over whether to play him at the moment.

"It's difficult for us to find the right rhythm for him. Before I always played him and people say I overplayed him. Now I try to be a bit more cautious. It's difficult because his ankle is up and down a little bit.

"He's getting better but it's still inflamed sometimes and responds sometimes to games. But after that it goes down again and is normal. I think he will go through this period of stabilisation. It's going upwards but sometimes you wonder do I take a gamble or not?"

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