Sunday, 13 October 2013

Liverpool's plans for Anfield may be disrupted… BY BATS - Yahoo Eurosport UK (blog)

Liverpool's plans to redevelop Anfield could run into difficulties because of BATS at the famous ground.

The Mirror reports that the club may have to make special provisions for the protected species when they submit plans to Liverpool City City Council for the redevelopment of the stadium.

Bats have been spotted flying around the stadium recently and the Mirror notes that Liverpool "would be forced by domestic and international laws to ensure that all species of bat are taken into account in any redevelopment plans.

"Law dictates that, as a protected species, bats must not be 'adversely affected' by building work and studies will determine what can be done to accommodate [both] bats and building work," reports the paper.

Last year Liverpool confirmed their plan was to redevelop their existing ground as opposed to moving to a new stadium.

An expanded stadium of 60,000 would boost matchday revenue and allow the Reds to close some of the financial ground on their rivals.

Redevelopment is likely to see major improvements to, and extensions of, the main stand and the Anfield Road end although that is all subject to planning permission, which has been made possible by the regeneration plans to clear some streets close to the ground, and the support of homeowners and the community.

"(Liverpool) must not harm bats' conservation status," said a spokesman for the Bats Conservation Trust.

"If it's believed that bats are or are likely to be present at Anfield, an ecologist will have to establish how bats use the site and find out which species are present before undertaking building works, and any works will have to take any bats present into account to ensure they are not adversely affected."

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