Saturday, 12 October 2013

Something for the Weekend: BFI London Film Festival and RumFest -

If you're in the mood for a documentary, head to the Vue West End to see the amusingly off-kilter Jodorowsky's Dune (6.15pm), which charts the Chilean maverick director Alejandro Jodorowsky's attempts to adapt Frank Herbert's fantasy opus Dune for the big screen.

On Sunday, meanwhile, at Ciné Lumière in South Kensington at 6.30pm, you can delight in Jeune et Jolie, François Ozon's accomplished little oddity about a teenage girl's sexual awakening. Also worth paying to see is Jonathan Glazer's entrancing Under the Skin, with Scarlett Johansson playing, quite literally, a maneater. That's on at 6.15pm at the Odeon West End.

Scarlett Johansson as an alien seductress in Under the Skin. Photo: Handout


Consider yourself a rum connoisseur? Then head to the seventh annual RumFest this weekend. Taking place at the ExCel Centre, the festival brings together over 400 types of rum, master mixologists, and a sampling of Caribbean culture, with live reggae, salsa and samba music playing constantly. There's also a Tropical Food Market if you start to feel a little woozy.

Prices start from £25, plus booking fee for a Standard ticket. Note: last pours are at 4.30pm.

Best of the rest...

Anyone who has overdone it on a Saturday will be familiar with the parlous state of London's Sunday pub roast scene, where people too bleary-eyed to complain are frequently served lukewarm and overpriced joints. A smarter move would be to head to La Chapelle, the elegant Michelin-starred restaurant in Spitalfields, where you can currently net a lavish three-course Sunday lunch for £29.50.

If you're not shocked by the image of a cat toying playfully with a man's testicles, the British Museum's new exhibition, Shunga: Sex and Humour in Japanese Art, 1600-1900, certainly makes for interesting viewing. Here's our 4-star review. The price of admission is £7.

Today signals the start of the Oxford Lieder Festival, which runs until October 26. Welcoming singers, pianists, speakers, teachers and audiences from around the world, this year's festival explores, among other things, the songs of Britten and the works of the poet Goethe. Some of the singers include: Birgid Steinberger (11th), Sylvia Schwartz (13th) and Roderick Williams (14th & 16th).

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