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David Moyes is braced for a hot reception at Anfield as the former Everton manager makes his return to Liverpool as Manchester United boss.  

Moyes will get his first taste of the intense rivalry between two of English football's heavyweight clubs when United travel to Anfield for the lunchtime kick-off on Sunday.

And speaking ahead of the eagerly-awaited Premier League clash, Moyes admitted he's likely to endure a feisty response from the Liverpool supporters but is looking forward to the challenge.

Suited and booted: David Moyes is braced for a hot reception from Liverpool fans on Sunday

Suited and booted: David Moyes is braced for a hot reception from Liverpool fans on Sunday

'Everybody tells me about the big rivalry between Liverpool and United and it was certainly there when I was at Everton as well,' said Moyes who never won at Anfield during his 11-year tenure as Everton manager.

'I would think I'll get as good a reception as I did with Everton. It has always been a difficult place to go, but I am looking forward to going back there.'

Moyes has revealed Wayne Rooney is 'mentally in good shape' ahead of Sunday's trip to Liverpool.
Rooney completed his first game of the season against Chelsea on Monday, after which he thanked the United fans for their support.

United they stand: Moyes has revealed United striker Wayne Rooney is 'mentally in good shape'

United they stand: Moyes has revealed United striker Wayne Rooney is 'mentally in good shape'

Since then, Chelsea have signed Samuel Eto'o, which seems to have ended any chance of Rooney leaving for Stamford Bridge ahead of the transfer window closing on Monday night.

And now he is preparing for one of United's biggest games of the season. 'Wayne Rooney has been a great player for many years for Manchester United,' said Moyes.

'I felt he played very well the other night and he's looking in good condition and is mentally in good shape too.'

Moyes declined to enter into further discussion on Rooney, preferring instead to underline the stance United have taken throughout the summer.

In demand: Manchester United are interested in signing Marouane Fellaini from Everton

In demand: Manchester United are interested in signing Marouane Fellaini from Everton

'We told you and everybody else from day one so I don't think there's anything else to add today,' he said. Moyes was no more forthcoming on United's pursuit of new players.

The club have had another bid rejected by Everton for Marouane Fellaini and Leighton Baines this week. When asked about the pair, whom he knows so well from their time together at Everton, Moyes' response was: 'I wouldn't tell you.'

But with speculation also surrounding Ander Herrera, Daniele De Rossi, and even Kaka, who has been told he can leave Real Madrid, it promises to be the busiest countdown to a transfer window closing since Sir Alex Ferguson paid a club record 30.75million to sign Dimitar Berbatov in 2008.

'I don't know how busy it's going to be but it's a busy football market,' said Moyes. 'It might be busy in the next few days and I hope we do a little bit of business but I couldn't guarantee that.'

In black and white: Liverpool are planning a celebration for Bill Shankly's 100th birthday

In black and white: Liverpool are planning a celebration for Bill Shankly's 100th birthday

Liverpool are planning to mark what would have been Bill Shankly's 100th birthday, with Moyes now following a long list of great Scottish managers.

'Bill Shankly comes into the category of greats like Jock Stein, Matt Busby and Sir Alex (Ferguson).

'He's in that group from the point of view that he's one of the greatest managers and rightly should be respected.'

With maximum points from their opening two games, Liverpool currently have a slender advantage over their long-standing rivals. And Moyes knows himself how much progress the Anfield outfit are making under Brendan Rodgers.

'I think Brendan is building his team and changing things around to the way he wants it to be,' said Moyes. 'Liverpool have always been a great football club challenging for trophies.

'This is no different to any other game in that you can only get three points for a win but it'd be a big win if we can get it because Liverpool are one of the strong teams this season.'

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where are man u staying in liverpool anyone know anything

A 'rough ride' which, as usual, will result in MUFC thoroughly outplaying LFC and walking away with 3 points. LFC simply aren't good enough anymore to compete with Manchester. - El_Pibe, Toronto, Canada, 30/8/2013 17:51***** Right then....So what happened last season at Anfield? Liverpool had 53% of possession and 13 shots compared to United's 8 shots. That's the game where Liverpool played for 51 minutes with 10 men and were reduced to 9 men after Kelly got injured. Outplayed? Hardly.

Mike EFC, isnt that how it works? What about all of the good work he did for you over 11 years!!!! I expect you will be booing him on his return as well wont you? We get a better job offer we move on. We think an ex colleague could do better as well we do what we can to facilitate that.

Easy win for United Happy birthday dear old Shanks - missed by all

Moyes is a great manager and kept Everton punching well above their weight for most of his tenure there. Its only natural that he would look to take the talent with him but as usual the myopia that is intrinsic for so many so called football fans means that now the blue half of merseyside now see him as tainted. Ridiculous but there it is. As for Sunday at Anfield, as good as he is, and as good as Man U are, I juts cant see him getting a look in such was the jinx that marred all of his previous visits. Its going to be 3 points for Liverpool for sure. By the way that still wont mean a guarantee of 4th place or higher, its way too early to get that excited.

Just show the world that you are the two most powerful team(In term of Trophys) in England and give us a Wonderful and unbeleivable Match On Sunday

No disrespect to the best team on Merseyside Everton,but Moyes will be turning up at Anfield with the Champions.Completely different ball game.A win for the CHAMP2ONS methinks. - Johnny, London, United Kingdom, 30/8/2013 20:00 I was a huge Moyes fan till the summer, but the two games I certainly won't miss him this season are Liverpool and Man Utd away. They were the only games where the Everton team looked scared, whatever their recent form, and they usually just rolled over and tried to keep the score down.

asoccerfan - We're angry because he came back to us with an insulting offer for our 2 most prize assets and if he was still our manager he would have thought it was insulting. He also made arrogant comments the other day about wanting EFC to let Baines and Fellaini go for the good of their careers because we rejected his bids.

Everton fans. If you hate Moyes for leaving then those of you that have jobs should hate yourself if you get a better job offer and take it.

Everton fans hate Moyes because he left. They are hurt and disappointed. It is unfortunate but the game is not about loyalty anymore. It's about ambition,money,and fame. It's been that way now for many years. So don't blame Moyes or anyone else about what has happened because the fans are the ones that seem to have to win games so teams go out and by players and managers to satisfy the fans. The fans are all over the transfer window wanting better players. So quit crying in your beer Everton.

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