By Laurie Whitwell


Gareth Bale may be the Welshman in north London hogging the headlines at the moment but Theo Walcott believes Aaron Ramsey is performing in a manner fit to claim such attention for himself.

Ramsey is 18 months younger than his Madrid-bound national team-mate but at one stage in their careers he was seen as the greater talent.

The Arsenal player's progress stalled after suffering a horror leg break at Stoke three years ago but he has started this season is dazzling form and Walcott believes his game is at a 'new level'.

Still top dogs: Theo Walcott insists Arsenal are still stronger than Tottenham despite their lack of signings

Still top dogs: Theo Walcott insists Arsenal are still stronger than Tottenham despite their lack of signings

Ramsey, 22, has provided a thrust from deep midfield as well as a goal threat, scoring three times already. Previously, he has never managed more than four in a single season.

And, while Arsene Wenger's thin squad has been depleted by injuries, Ramsey has played every minute of the four games so far (if you exclude a couple against Fenerbahce he sat out after experiencing groin trouble).

'I think you can see a lot of improvements this year, especially in Aaron, my man,' said Walcott. 'He's trained very hard in pre-season.

Big money buys: Tottenham have splashed out on Roberto Soldado (left) and Paulinho this summer

'He ended last season very, very good but he's just taken off this season and he's hit a new level. It's just great to see because he's deserved it. He's had a lot of injury problems. I'm very happy for him.'

Walcott thinks Ramsey is coming into form at just the right time, ahead of Arsenal's 'biggest test of the season' against city rivals Tottenham on Sunday.

The two clubs have experienced drastically different transfer windows with Spurs splurging 90million on four players, while Arsenal have brought just one in on a free.

Despite this, Walcott is adamant his squad is better. 'I feel that we're very, very strong. Everyone may say our squad is very, very weak and there are not many of us but we bounced back from such a disappointing result in the opening game and proved a lot of people wrong.

'Every club's different. They've invested their money very well but we don't care who we're playing against, whether they've brought in 30million stars, it doesn't matter.

'We just want to focus on our game and especially at home I feel that we can win. It's going to be our biggest test yet. I'm ready for it.'

Flying solo: Yaya Sanogo (right) is Arsenal's only signing of the transfer window so far

Flying solo: Yaya Sanogo (right) is Arsenal's only signing of the transfer window so far

Easy does it: Aaron Ramsey (right) fired a double as Arsenal cruised past Fenerbahce

Easy does it: Aaron Ramsey (right) fired a double as Arsenal cruised past Fenerbahce

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People, have you even read the quotes? Walcott says nowhere that Arsenal are stronger than Spurs. Why bicker over comments that were never made??

Oh shut it Theo, you're not only Embarrased yourself, also your fans here as well, if you want to say we're better, say it after we bought some actual descents signings. I apologize to spurs on behalf of my team.

Theo is a boy trying to play football, sure he has excellent pace but no vision, he cannot find where they put the goalmouth. Ramsey has played a couple of games against non-opposition and looked good, he will do well in the championship league.

Spurs still lack a playmaker, and without Bale, it'll be still difficult for them. With Giroud, Ramsay and Cazorla on superb form, I predict a win for us.

Eric Colton , WEHO, United States, 29/8/2013 least you know how to use Google...and where would "WEHO" be or is that an extension of your name? WE-HO

Ramsey deserves massive respect ..never easy to become a even better player after breaking a leg

Arsenal don't sign big names in world of football, BUT they play great football , class, fun to watch.. not like spurs.. no class at all, and not fun to watch.. with all the signing they barely beaten crystal palace, and Swansea, which was NOT a penalty. Come this Sunday we will teach the spurs a lesson, and yet we did not sign any super stars.. All I wish for is.. we hope we can score of many many chances we will create against spurs.. You will always stay behind is Spurs.. unless you bring messi.. LOL Gunners for LIFE..

Sorry, what have The B team (Spurs) won recently? A league cup in 2007/08... Wow great stuff... Media has ruined football. All hype. Results speak for themselves... PS Real and Spurs have a business agreement. Bale is injured and therefore worth ZERO. ALL FAKE FAKE FAKE SPURS MAJOR HONOURS Football League Champions: 1950/1951, 1960/1961 The FA Cup Winners: 1900/1901, 1920/1921, 1960/1961, 1961/1962, 1966/1967, 1980/1981, 1981/1982, 1990/1991 Football League Cup Winners: 1970/1971, 1972/1973, 1998/1999, 2007/2008 European Cup-Winners Cup Winners: 1962/1963 UEFA Cup Winners: 1971/1972, 1983/1984 Football League Division Two Champions: 1919/1920, 1949/1950 FA Charity Shield Winners: 1920/1921, 1951/1952, 1961/1962, 1962/1963, 1967/1968 (joint), 1981/1982 (joint), 1991/1992 (joint)

As a Spurs fan I do hate Arsenal but I must give them credit for there consistent top four finishes. I felt that they were a weaker team than Spurs last year but they dug in an ground out a champions league position yet again. They seem to show up when the chips are down. However, this season they will struggle and unfortunately they will not qualify for champions league this year and I predict a group stage exit for the gunners. No investment, No super stars, No Glory ! yet another trophy less season for Arsene.

@ iancmgrinty- I'll respond seriously, no banter or lies. You used to beat us most of the time, but we've won 4 of the last 7, and 1 was a draw. Of your 2 wins, we were 1-0 up in one, then had a man sent off. You've finished above us, but you certainly haven't dominated us recently, as you imply. Recent margins have certainly not been big enough for you to claim clear-cut superiority. Our problem is not 'the connection'. We used to have a weaker squad (though that didn't hinder us that much in 2006, only the norovirus did). Now our squad is arguably stronger, and we play well. What we've lacked though is depth and resistance. Hence we dominate for a long time, then capitulate with injuries. It's not just been fitness levels and depth (11/12 was an odd season), but both have hindered us massively. What you have is a strongish squad with better fitness levels and a brilliant manager. Make the right signings and you'll be title contenders. Don't, and you will struggle for Europe.

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