Saturday, 12 October 2013

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger fights Jack Wilshere's corner over Adnan Januzaj ... -

"You have some, for example, who were born in Africa, they have come to Europe, they have lived for a few years in one country and, after, their parents have moved to another country because they had to find work - and they have three different cultures. 

"One of the tasks of the modern politicians will be really to define what is the nationality of a person, because some people feel differently to their passport. 

"Have they the freedom of choice or do they have to be educated in a country to feel they love this country? 

"Have you to spend a certain number of years in the country to say you represent this country? I feel, as well, in Januzaj's example do you just come six months and play for a country? It's not realistic."

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