Friday, 27 September 2013

Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke admits there was no way Liverpool would have ... -

After moving on from Suárez, Arsenal did eventually obliterate their club-record incoming transfer fee by paying £42 million for Mesut Özil.

"We weren't there to make a statement," said Kroenke. "It's absolutely not done for that. It was done purely because our manager views him as worth that money, he sees him as a player to help us compete and that meant we were happy to pay it.

"We stayed in close touch as we went through the process. Everyone wanted to get him, other teams wanted to get him and to get him here is fantastic.

"What a great player. You can judge a lot by what players say when they leave and they weren't happy when he left. Everything, from the way he conducted himself, since he's been here has been top flight. We're thrilled to have him."

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