Monday, 30 September 2013

Breaking Bad Finale: Fans Flood Twitter - Sky News

The last episode of US cult series Breaking Bad has been broadcast, sending Twitter chat into overdrive.

The hashtag #goodbyebreakingbad trended worldwide after its Sunday night conclusion in the US, with celebrities also tweeting their praise.

Breaking Bad, about a high school chemistry teacher who starts making and selling the drug crystal meth, wrapped up after five series.

Fans had been busy speculating about how the show would finish in the days leading up to the final episode - and most on Twitter seemed more than happy with the ending.

Cliff Bleziniski wrote: "Breaking Bad nailed it. That finale delivered. Sploosh."

Another Twitter user, Melissa Gilbert, added: "I've seen the end of the end of the best show on television, in my lifetime. @BreakingBad_AMC Smart. Moving. Thought provoking. Perfect."

Breaking Bad hashtags flooded Twitter on Sunday night. Pic: Trendsmap

US Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres was also tucked up on the sofa to see the fate of Bryan Cranston's now iconic character, Walter White.

"No more murderous drug dealers and horrifying criminals. I miss it already," she tweeted.

Actor Ewan McGregor posted: "Breaking Bad. Ends Tonight. #gotthebluesalready."

Even the world's most famous investor, multi-billionaire Warren Buffet, got caught in the Breaking Bad frenzy and posted a mocked-up picture of himself as Walter White.

Cranston has said he is happy with how things turn out for his character.

The cast were all smiles afer winning the Emmy for best TV drama

The 57-year-old California-born actor told Entertainment Weekly the climax was "very satisfying" and "unapologetic".

Breaking Bad first aired on the AMC network in the US in 2008 and has been widely praised by critics and fans for its depiction of meek chemistry teacher 'gone bad'.

It also turned some of the show's locations in Albuquerque, New Mexico, into unlikely tourist attractions.

Many UK fans discovered the show through word of mouth, with DVD box sets tempting them into marathon viewing sessions.

Breaking Bad's success was capped last week when it won the prestigious Emmy award for best television drama series. Previously, Cranston, 57, had won the best actor award three times for playing Walter White.

Fans of the series will not have to mourn for too long as a spin-off based on the character Saul Goodman was recently given the green light.

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