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Arsenal have made a 40million offer for Real Madrid midfielder Mesut Ozil but could face a battle with Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester United on the last day of the transfer window.

The Germany star was left on the bench for Real's 3-1 win over Athletic Bilbao on Sunday, as was Manchester United's other target, Athletic midfielder Ander Herrera.

Ozil looked frustrated as he sat next to Iker Casillas on the bench and privately has made it clear he wants to leave the Bernabeu, with his place under threat from Gareth Bale.

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Heading to England? Mesut Ozil was left on the bench for Real Madrid with Arsenal a possible move

Heading to England? Mesut Ozil was left on the bench for Real Madrid with Arsenal a possible move

Arsenal opened talks on Friday and are willing to meet Ozil's 180,000-a-week wage demands to bring in a world-class player and appease fans.

However, they face competition from Paris Saint-Germain, who made an enquiry on Sunday, and United, who are considering a U-turn after initially saying Ozil was not the type of player they need.

Ozil is keen to move to England and Arsenal or United would be his preference.

Playmaker: Ozil could be persuaded to sign for either PSG or Manchester United

Arsenal have also expressed interest in Real winger Angel Di Maria while the Spanish giants'  midfielder Kaka has been offered to them but is continuing talks with AC Milan.

Arsenal have agreed a season-long loan with Palermo for goalkeeper Emiliano Viviano.

The Italy international was on loan at Fiorentina last season and travelled to London on Sunday prior to undergoing a medical this morning.

Palermo striker Abel Hernandez – Uruguayan international team-mate for Arsenal target Luis Suarez - emerged as a late contender in the North London club's search for a new striker, while a loan move for Chelsea's Demba Ba is also a possibility.

Leaving: Angel Di Maria could also be on his way out of Real Madrid

Leaving: Angel Di Maria could also be on his way out of Real Madrid

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Thank Spurs for enabling Arsenal the chance to bid for Ozil. If I was the Spurs chairman, I would have never allowed this chance to happen. Arsenal are just too arrogant for me. They won the game yesterday by playing like an away side, with 10 defenders and counter attack and by 1 goal plus a home ref, and they think they are world beaters again. Deluded - MS, London, United Kingdom, 2/9/2013 14:20. Spurs should thank their keeper for preventing a whitewash cos it cold have been 4-0 even 5 ,ARSENAL had 5 good chances while spurs had only one good chance

@rufustan.....''At defensive midfield, Flamini until Coquelin or Frimpong are ready'' '????? I put Arteta above all three mate!!!! Ozil, Cazorla and Wilshere sounds tasty!

He alone is worth all signings Spuds have made during the window.Of course he would never join them since they're too small.Kudos to Wenger for convincing Ozil to sign(he's very much about money but still).Absolutely top drawer acquisition.I just hope we finalize Ander and Fellaini deals.Fingers crossed!!!!

Thank God at last United sign this promising koren "fok-kin-no-won" and a sensational brazillian " No-bodi-ho"

WHY HASNT MOYES GONE IN FOR HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????? IN MOYES WE RUST.


Of all the options, He's a great choice. It would probably be an either-or with Di Maria, and of the two I'd rather have Ozil, and Santi playing wide left. At defensive midfield, Flamini will do for now, until either Coquelin or Frimpong are ready, and give us time to decide about them (if not we buy someone in 2-3 years) In defense we have another keeper on the way, need a CB to make up the numbers, but the current guys have conceded 4 in 5 games so far (and 3 in the VIlla game which was not exactly usual). By the way: Bale 100 mil, Ozil 50 mil, we may well get the better deal.

Wenger is such a hypocrite....only 24 hrs ago he was saying I don't panic buy....bringing in 3 players all at once is technically risky....what s he doing now?? Pathetic - Manu man, London, United Kingdom, 2/9/2013. He is getting a player better than all spurs players put together

So rather play for a plastic club in a crap league than London's biggest club and English footballs 3rd most successful? You are a prize imbecile....- Scotchy of Eggdom , London,>>>>>Wenger's career as player in French league:.....19691973(Mutzig);; 19751978(ASPV Strasbourg);19781981(RC Strasbourg)...Wenger's career as coach in French League......19841987(Nancy-Lorraine); 19871994(AS Monaco)...What did you say?..."So rather play for a PLASTIC CLUB in a CRAP LEAGUE."....Hmm.....CRAP LEAGUE?...Wenger as player as well as coach - denhen , singapore, 02/9/2013 11:24 - Christ you're stupid. What has Wengers playing career got to do with PSG's current financially doped standing? I would suggest you re read my post and come back with something relevant boy.

Unlucky gooners Ozil has just agreed a deal with PSG - Mike , Essex, United Kingdom, 02/9/2013 12:42 - I'd change your sources wee man, they're as accurate as the rest of your posts.

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