Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Liverpool ready to move ahead with redevelopment of Anfield after John W ... -

Henry, at least, has offered reassurance that when the green light is finally pursued from planning officers there will be no financial hurdles.

"When this happens, that won't be the problem," Henry said. "We just need certainty with regard to these properties.

"The number of properties is being reduced. The city council is doing everything they can, and that's all we can ask. Not just the city council, but everyone associated with this is on the same page regarding the regeneration.

"We are making good progress. The obstacles are being overcome. We have a lot of different groups working very well together and that's the key to a big project like this happening.

"We've always said you have to have certainty with regards to the properties because of the height of the stands and all the issues regarding that. That has been the biggest issue. We need certainty on that."

The reason FSG has delayed submission of plans or the release of designs is a determination to work in co-ordination with the neighbourhood, and also because it would be pointless unless there was a political and community consensus in support of those plans.

Henry says that once this consensus is established, there is no prospect of the kind of delay that effectively brought the Hicks and Gillett regime to its knees.

"They were talking about going out and borrowing an enormous amount of money for an enormous facility. That's not what we are doing here.

"One of their problems is they weren't able to get financing. This is the direction that makes financial sense for the club in the long term."

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